I had an opportunity to show off my radical dance moves on the big screen awhile back. Watch and be mesmerized!

In 2012, Val Kilmer decided to showcase his public speaking skills in a short film called The 4th Dimension. Val played himself in the quirky film, and I had an opportunity to be in it.

I have no idea what I was doing in this scene. Val asked us to improvise, so it appears I'm caught up in some sort of worship here. The movie shoot was a discombobulated mess, and most of us were clueless as to what what was going on; unlike most productions, this one had no rehearsal.

Matthew Hubbell

Here I am at around 23:32


I'm grateful I got the opportunity to show off my world class dance moves in the flick. Certainly someone important will see this, and call me in for next season's "Dancing with the Stars." Or not.

Matthew Hubbell

You can watch the entire flick here, or you can fast forward to around 26:47 to see me boogie.