Have you ever accidentally grabbed someone's car keys or wallet that didn't belong to you? It happened to me today and now I have to make a 120 mile journey just so I can return them to their proper owner. 

Yesterday I decided to visit a friend from high school out in Schoharie County. We ate some delicious Chinese food and watched Family Guy. We lived it up like bachelors, and had a great time; I even had my own separate guest quarters for the night.

But during my commute back to Utica this morning, about an 1hr and 10 minutes into my journey, I received a text that read: "Did you take my wallet?" I checked my pocket, and sure enough, I had two of them.

Matt Hubbell

How in the world did that happen? I'm not a thief. I think I was a little groggy, and just grabbed his by accident. Needless to say, I'll be making that same hour and a half road trip back to his place when I get off the air tonight.

What's the most absent minded thing you've ever done? Do you have a similar story? Feel free to share it on our Facebook page or call in 721-0987.

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