Maryann Mazzaferro has 84 cookie recipes and counting. Her baking genius recently got the attention of the Food Network.

I'm secretly hoping this woman will adopt me as one of her grandsons. I can only imagine how she might spoil me rotten if that were the case. Maryann has been baking for years, but now that she's retired, she's got plenty of time to devote to baking and creating more delicious, original cookie recipes.

Maryann recently entered a contest that General Electric sponsored. She submitted an essay that described how she used her kitchen in a unique way. She triumphed and ran off with the blue ribbon. Last year, Maryann entered the Ghirardelli Chocolate contest at the Great New York State Fair. She succeeded there too with her "Lunchbox Chocolate Chippers." What's Maryann's recipe for success? She'll tell you it's all about putting others first:

"It's a way that I actually get to deliver a part of myself into the community and do it through my love of baking. It's a wonderful way to make friendships, and develop love... And do it through what I can -- the all American cookie. And who doesn't like a chocolate chip cookie? Everybody likes chocolate chip cookies. And that's what my motto is," said Mazzaferro.

The "Cookie Lady's" baking prowess hasn't gone unnoticed by national TV. She will be appearing in a new commercial that airs Thursday night at 9pm (On the Food Network.)

Meet the "Cookie Lady!"

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