McDonald's and the cheeseburger have changed their relationship status to 'It's Complicated'. The fast food burger giant seems to have turned against the classic burger - are they headed for a break-up?

Consider the evidence: first, McDonald's removed the #2 Extra Value Meal, otherwise known as the Two Cheeseburger meal. You can still purchase cheeseburgers a la carte, but that's not quite the same as pulling up to the drive-thru and just ordering your #2 medium with a Diet least that's what we've heard.

In the latest skirmish against the cheeseburger, McDonald's announced that - in an alleged effort to make Happy Meals healthier - that the Cheeseburger Happy Meal will only be available by special request. This move toward healthier Happy Meals, with less sodium, fat, and sugar also includes smaller servings of French fries and newly-formulated chocolate milk.

I think we both know this is really about the cheeseburger. 

You can't tell me you're trying to make thing healthier and then re-introduce the 860 calorie Grand Big Mac - for those times when the plain old Big Mac just doesn't pack enough of a caloric Special Sauce punch.

Listen Ronald, you can tell us, what happened between you and the cheeseburger? Where did things go so wrong? You've been together since the very beginning - don't say you've changed.


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