Whoever thought it was a good idea to take a handful of the rejected d-bags from previous ‘Bachelorette’ seasons who were kicked off for being less-than-an-ideal men and put them in a place called ‘The Bachelor Pad’ so they can party and makeout with all the rejected women from ‘The Bachelor’ … is a genius.

While we seriously can’t stand listening to a single word that comes out of most of these tools’ mouths, they are incredibly fun to look at shirtless. It’s only fitting that we now get to treat them like slabs of meat after they did the same to their respective bachelorettes — we’re referring mostly to the one who calls himself Justin “Rated R” Rego. That name alone wreaks of ill repute.

As we prepare for the upcoming third season, here’s a look back at some of the previous contestants to get an idea of what we’ll expect from this year’s crop.

Michael Stagliano — ‘The Bachelorette,’ Season 5

Jake Pavelka — ‘The Bachelorette,’ Season 14

Kirk Dewindt — ‘The Bachelorette,’ Season 6

Ames Brown — ‘The Bachelorette,’ Season 7

Justin “Rated R” Rego — ‘The Bachelorette,’ Season 6

Blake Julian — ‘The Bachelorette,’ Season 7

William Holman — ‘The Bachelorette,’ Season 7

Kasey Kahl — ‘The Bachelorette,’ Season 7

Graham Bunn — ‘The Bachelorette,’ Season 4