Turning Stone Resort Casino is giving you the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to take home some big money, just by playing bingo.

On Saturday, August 12th, people from all over the country will be heading to Turning Stone for this amazing opportunity, and you can be a part of all the fun. Yes, the grand prize is a million dollars and before you start doubting it, they have had a winner (who happened to be from New York, so that's pretty cool). Back in 2013, Frances Slesinsky of Binghamton took home the grand prize. She had to cover her entire bingo card in 47 draws or less, and she did.

Now you have the chance to be just like Frances Slesinsky. Tickets are on sale now for this fantastic event. Tickets are available in different "levels." Level 1 is $149, level 2 costs $199, and level 3 for $249. If you buy your tickets before the end of July, you'll get $20 off. If you buy them in advance between August 1st and August 11th, you'll get $10 off.

So what's with the different "levels?" Well, different levels have different payouts. The million dollar jackpot is the grand prize, but there are still other regular games that will be played. Level 1 has a payout of $5,000, level 2 a payout of $10,000 and level 3 has a payout of $15,000 for these regular games.

Again, the event is Saturday, August 12th at Turning Stone's Bingo Hall. Doors will open at 8am. You can get tickets at the Turning Stone Box Office or by calling: 877-833-7469. You can also get more information on this event (and other events coming to Turning Stone) by visiting their website: TurningStone.com

Who wouldn't want their chance at a million dollars?? Even if you're not a huge bingo fan, this may just be enough to convert you (at least for the day). And if you do love bingo, this is the perfect event for you. Good luck!





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