Nobody likes to step outside and feel frigid temperatures freezing their nose. Now, a new study suggests extreme CNY weather might be making you miserable.

A group of Chinese scientists released a study, published in Nature, that determined that people from warmer climates demonstrated more positive personality traits. Is it any surprise that people who grew up in states like Arizona are more agreeable and have more stable personalities?

While the scientists didn't study colder regions, it's not too much of a stretch to think that people in colder climates might be LESS agreeable and maybe a little less stable. How can you be entirely stable when your day might start out with 65 degrees and sun and end with 12" of lake effect snow? Those folks from Arizona would be pretty cranky, too.

We already know Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing. It's a cyclical depression that occurs in the winter months. Even the National Institutes of Health acknowledges it.

Granted, whatever impact the weather has on your personality is a small influence compared to other factors...but still.

What do you think? Does the cold weather make you cranky?



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