I love the new Twitter profile Modern Seinfeld (@SeinfeldToday).  What would episdodes of the 'Show about Nothing' be like if they were set in the New York City of today?

I lay out a few of my own below and then click through to check out the ones crafted by the creators, @BuzzFeedJack and@JoshGondelman.

-Kramer inadvertently receives Seinfeld Season 1 on DVD from Netflix and is convinced he's a time traveler.  George discovers Red Bull and it cuts into his at-work napping.


-Jerry frantically updates all his technological devices after a waitress chuckles when he redeems a Seize the Deal coupon displayed on an iPhone 4.  Elaine enjoys pronouncing the word chipotle.


-Elaine answers a Nigerian Lottery email thinking she could meet and date a displaced African prince. Kramer works sudoku puzzles.


-Kramer eats exotic fruits from Whole Foods Market.  George is dismayed by dismal findings on Ancestry.com


Turns out Seinfeld through time is a popular genre.  Check out:

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