Winter has finally arrived in Central New York and injuries are on the rise at this time of year.

A new survey by Florida's University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USAHS) found that about half of all Americans experience a lot of injuries and pain during the winter months. You can probably add to those numbers for those of us in CNY. An article in detailed some of the most common winter injuries and how to take measures to prevent them. Here are the most common winter injuries:

-Slipping while walking
-Sitting for long periods of time
-Burns and cuts while cooking
-Decorating the house
-Shoveling snow

Members of the expert faculty at the USAHS have these sage tips on preventing falls:

-Use footwear with good traction
-Exercise caution getting in and out of your car
-Slow down, because bad things occur when you're in a rush
-If you encounter icy areas, walk like a penguin with short, shuffling steps

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