Is this really the most hated Thanksgiving dish in all of New York State?

When planning your Thanksgiving dinner you already know you'll have the turkey as the star of the day. Honestly though, the side dishes are truly the MVPs of any Thanksgiving dinner. Those dishes of course include the sides like stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and many more. But, not all side dishes are created equal. Some are the mega stars, while some are just there.....and we hate.

A published map by The Daring Kitchen, “The Most Hated Thanksgiving Food Across the U.S.” shows what sides people hate the most in each state. How did they come up with this data?

The map is based on geotagged Twitter data comprised of phrases and hashtags about hating specific Thanksgiving Day dishes — phrases like “I hate stuffing” or “I hate cranberry sauce.” More than 50,000 “hate tweets” posted since Nov. 1 were tracked, compiled, and broken down by state, leaving us with not only the most hated Thanksgiving dish by state, but also the most-hated Thanksgiving dish of them all"

What's New York State's Most Hated Side Dish?

The answer is Cranberry sauce. Who doesn't enjoy a can of cranberry sauce? Let's be honest, homemade is nice.....but nothing beats the classic can. A total of 16 other states hate cranberry sauce too including Texas, Florida, Georgia, California, and Washington.

The second most-hated dish is green bean casserole among Utah, Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, and more. Nine states, including Arizona, Montana, and many states in the south, like Mississippi and Alabama, do not prefer to stuff themselves with stuffing; while sweet potatoes are the fourth most hated dish, particularly in six states, including New Mexico, Nevada and North and South Dakota. "

Do you agree with these findings? You can check out the map here. Text us on our app your thoughts.

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