It was a regular night at the movie theaters, except for one thing. A video that played during the previews left the audience shocked, speechless, and could have possibly saved their lives.

This video should be set up and played in every theater, every event, every place - all around the world. Distracted driving is a bigger deal than I think a lot of people realize. I mean, we all know it's a big deal - but how much do you honestly do it? Maybe you don't text and drive, but if your phone goes off, do you look at it - even just for a second to see who it was?


Maybe the best 1 minute you spend today. This has a very intense way to make a point come across. www.KeithKuder.comKeith Kuder**** VIDEO FOUND ONLINEAll credits to video owner.

Posted by Keith Kuder on Saturday, July 19, 2014


Makes you think twice, doesn't it? I know it did for me. It's so easy to be distracted for a quick second - but a lot can happen in one second. Feel free to share this - post it to someone's wall who needs a wake-up call, or use it to remind your kids how dangerous texting and driving really, truly is.




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