Our Muchie Madness - Restaurant Bracket is officially over, and now it's time to name the winner, chosen by you.

We want to give a Big "CONGRATULATIONS" to...

Symeon's Greek Restaurant in Yorkville!

It was down to Symeon's Greek Restaurant and Georgio's Village Cafe in the Final Round of Munchie Madness, but Symeon's was able to pull ahead and earn the title of the "Number One, Best Restaurant in All of Central New York." They won with 70.37% of the votes.

The Restaurant Bracket started a few weeks ago when we asked you on Facebook,

If you could only eat at one restaurant in Central New York for the rest of your life, what restaurant would you choose??

We took those eateries named (plus a few that were called in), and created our bracket. Then, each week you voted for which restaurants you wanted to move on to the next round. This is how the bracket played out:

The Final Update Restaurant Bracket - Piece One
Photo Credit: josephsworld.com/tts/tourn.html *Updated by Naomi Lynn
Final Layout for the Restaurant Bracket - Piece Two
Photo Credit: josephsworld.com/tts/tourn.html *Updated by Naomi Lynn

Voting wrapped up at noon on Thursday (April 6th), and we had our winner: Symeon's Greek Restaurant.

Again, congratulations to Symeon's. The people have spoken and have chosen you as the best. Now let's celebrate with some Thracian Chicken for lunch, or maybe some of those delicious stuffed grape leaves.

And thank you to all who voted!




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