I am absolutely obsessed with the New York State Fair. Not only because it's one of the biggest events of the year, but because there's so much to do all in one place.

Today is opening day and it runs for 13 whole days, until Labor Day. It can be kind of overwhelming, so I wanted to provide you with my list of must do's every time I'm at the fair to, maybe, add to your experience when you head there!

1. See a show at Chevy Court!

When I was in college, I would stay at Chevy Court all day long and sit there and make friends just to see my favorite performers up closer and personal, for only the admission to get into the fair! To me, waiting was more worth it than needing to pay $150+ for actual tickets. I've seen everyone from Smashmouth, Jason Derulo, Florida Georgia Line, to Bruno Mars! Now I don't have so much time to sit there and wait but I definitely recommend catching a show there. It's a really cool experience to see such big names.

Credit: Kaylin/TSM

2. Visit the sculptures!

The fair is notorious for the butter and sand sculptures. This year, the butter sculpture pays tribute to New York dairy farmers. It's entitled "Your Milk Comes From A Good Place" and depicts a farmer delivering milk from his farm to a customer in a grocery store.The sand sculpture, which typically is located in the Center of Progress building, is now located in the new expo center. It has a tourism theme this year.

3. Get milk in the Dairy Products building!

It's not the State Fair in my opinion without getting milk! Have a 25¢ glass of cold white or chocolate milk. I go with chocolate, it's really the only time of year I drink chocolate milk!

Credit:Michael J. Okoniewski/NYS Fair

4. Check out the animal barns - including the cow birthing center!

Horses, pigs (eeeep they're my favorite!), rabbits, sheep - there's so many animals at the fair! Fairgoers can witness first-hand the miracle of life by watching a dairy cow give birth to a calf in the birthing center! It's located now in the Family Fun Zone near the Youth Building and is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm.

5.  $1 Baked Potato! 

MMMMM yum. Extra sour cream. Extra cheese. Stand in line for the $1 baked potato. The booth serves an average of 4,500 potatoes each day during the fair. The Potato Booth is now in the kitchen area of the New York Cafe that extends off the left side of the horticulture building, it used to be in the corner of the building like shown below.

Credit: Eric Meier/TSM

6. Visit and eat at some of the food booths!

There is several food booths I have to stop at while I'm at the fair: Tully's (because they have the best chicken tenders in the world,) Pizza Fritte, and I'm thinking of attempting to try the newest winner of the fantastic foods competition, the Heart Attack.

7. See what the youth are up to in the 4H and FFA buildings!

I was a member of FFA when I was in high school, so naturally I have to check out both of the buildings to see what kind of awesome things the kids are up to. Agriculture is a major component of the New York State economy and the youth involved in it are the future! Go support them!

8. Alcohol

Wine slushies are my thing, so typically you'll find me walking around with those in my hand. But this year I am excited to try a boozy breakfast drink from 1911 Established. It's the Tipsy Cow - the new cold brew coffee vodka drink with Byrne Dairy Chocolate Milk, Roasted Coffee from Recess Coffee of Syracuse, and whipped cream topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and two small apple cider donuts as a garnish. Talk about delicious!!

Credit: Don Cazentre / NYUp

9. Make a stop at the International Building!

Maybe your craving Caribbean empanadas, German bratwurst, Japanese tempura, Greek baklava, vegan delicacies or some other ethnic dish. This is the spot to get it all and thinking about it is making me HUNGRY!

10. The Taste NY Food Truck Competition

The 2018 Taste NY Food Truck Competition will be held on Saturday, September 1 and Sunday, September 2 from 10:00am – 7:00pm. 23 different trucks will round Chevy Court each day and sell $3 samples. Click here to view the food truck participates for each day. A phone number will be posted for you to text the name of your favorite truck and vote for the People’s Choice winner during the competition. Trucks will be selling 10 am – 10 pm, but the competition ends at 7 pm so make sure to get your votes in before then!

Credit: Eric Meier/TSM

Basically my day consists of a lot of eating, which I'm totally okay with. What are your must-do's when you attend the fair?