If you haven't noticed already, Naomi Lynn is a very 'dressed down' type of person. But when she gets an extreme make-over from Salon Moda in New Hartford... Well, the results are amazing!

Phil Nye/TSM

I don't really dress up - that's just the way it is. If you stop by the Lite 98.7 studio while I'm working, I'll probably be in jeans, a plain t-shirt, and I probably won't be wearing any make-up.

When I got the chance to get a make-over experience from Salon Moda in New Hartford, I jumped at the opportunity! Who doesn't want to get dressed up and look good? And especially from a New York City-Style salon?! So, what was it like? What did they do?


They made me look and feel like a ROCKSTAR! Seriously! Kayla Walz was my hair stylist - she colored, cut, and styled my hair to look amazing. I had a pretty plain cut before - all one length, my roots were growing in ridiculously bad, and it just looked... 'blah.' Kayla fixed that by giving my hair a precision inverted bob-cut. She then dyed my hair a warm brunette color, and used the Balyage Technique to give my ends some soft dimension. Pretty outstanding right?!

Phil Nye/TSM

Next Kayla Ciccolella applied my make-up, and what a great job she did! For someone who doesn't wear make-up a lot, this was a big change for me - But I loved it! She gave me the smokey-eye look with beautiful berry lips - which looks perfect for a holiday party, or heading out with friends this time of the year. I've never felt so beautiful as I did with this look.

Phil Nye/TSM

After the hair and after the make-up, came the dress. That's right, this t-shirt and jean wearing gal slipped on a dress - and had all the accessories to go along with it. So what did the finished product look like? Check out this crazy before-and-after picture:

Naomi Lynn/TSM

I have to give a big 'Thank You' to Kayla, Kayla, and the owner of Salon Moda - Daina Bennett. Seriously, they turned this boring, plain-Jane girl into a beauty! I went back to work to show off my new look, and it blew my co-workers' minds. They couldn't believe it was me! You can see more pictures of the transformation below.

If you want to turn heads and show your family, friends, co-workers... Everybody - how beautiful you are (or if you just want to freshen up your look), I suggest you check out Salon Moda in the Tehans Plaza on Commercial Drive.
Even if you have a busy schedule, they can take care of you. Unlike most other salons, Salon Moda is open 7 days a week. Give them a call and make an appointment today - at 765-6037

You can also check out their website for services, products - you can even book your appointment online at salonmodahair.com

And make sure you check on Lite987.com, as we'll have your chance to win a makeover just like mine!