...Well, it's not a 'new store' technically, but it is a new building. And it's finally open after being closed for a few weeks.

We're talking about the Aldi on Central Avenue in Ilion. Now, there has been an Aldi in Ilion for quite a while now. Actually, this new building is in the same lot... Not the exact spot, but pretty darn close.

Last month (October 2018), the old Aldi building was torn down, while finishing touches were being put on the new building... On the other side of the parking lot.

They tore down the store and built a new one, to accommodate more customers and have more items available to those customers.

The new building is 700 square feet bigger and has a bigger parking lot.

The "new" Aldi in Ilion is officially open as of Friday, November 2nd.

There are four other Aldi locations in the Utica/Rome area:

- 121 Herkimer Road in Utica
- 315 Oriskany Boulevard in Yorkville
- 8432 Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford
- 205 South Madison Street in Rome

You'll find this "new" Aldi at 166 Central Avenue in Ilion.



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