If you haven't heard the news yet, the popular ice cream spot, the 'Ice Cream Station,' shut their doors for good. Now the building needs some new owners, and we have a few suggestions of what could go in that prime location.

I'm definitely going to miss the 'Ice Cream Station.' It was the perfect little shop with all your favorite summertime treats - Whether you wanted a waffle cone full of rocky road ice cream or soft serve twist in a regular cone, or even one of my all-time favorites, a s'mores sundae... They had it all.

After many, MANY years in the business, after their summer season this year, the Ice Cream Station closed their doors for good. It was definitely a sad day.

Now there is this cute little building, right on the corner of West Main Street and West Street in Ilion. It's the perfect place for someone to open up their business... But what business would that be??


We have a few ideas:

A Little Diner: They could be open just during the day and serve specialty sandwiches and soups.

Music Shop: This is the perfect little place for selling records, CDs, even cassettes. A lot of people still use these "outdated" forms of entertainment (I know I do), and just look at records - They're cool again! Maybe they could have headphones set up like FYE used to do so you can listen to the music before you buy it.

A Cafe: All your espresso and coffee needs, and maybe some bakery goods?

Taco Bell: Because why not? I know I'm just thinking about myself on this one, but it would be SO great to be a quick bike ride away from all the nachos and tacos I could ever want.

Another Ice Cream Shop: The "Ice Cream Station" didn't close down because business was bad, the owner retired. So it only makes sense that another ice cream shop would do REALLY well here.

What do you think? What would be a great business to go in this spot? Is there a chain business you wish would come to the area, or maybe you're hoping for another local company or "mom and pop" shop to take this spot? We would LOVE to hear from you - Just leave us a comment or shoot us a message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.




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