A bill currently under consideration in New York would require children to receive the HPV vaccine in order to enter school or daycare.

The bill, S298A, requires children born after January 1, 2008 be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus in order to enter school or daycare.

The CDC currently recommends the HPV vaccine for boys and girls beginning at ages 11-12, and for adults as old as 26 to prevent certain types of cancer associated with the virus.

The bill is currently under consideration in the Health Committee.

The idea has generated controversy, with posts circulating on social media in favor or and opposed to the proposed bill.

While several parents we spoke to say they had already administered the vaccine to their children, some say they're still opposed to the idea of mandating the vaccine.

Mom of two, Cristen Gallup says "As someone who is adamantly pro-vaccines, I find the concept of the HPV vaccine being mandated to be unnecessary—especially with the age specific guidelines." She adds, "A 6th grader should not be mandated to get a vaccine that is communicable through unprotected sex. That should be a choice between the parent, medical professionals, and the child. MMR, varicella, whooping cough, etc....are transmitted much more easily and can be transmitted in the classroom therefore there is a huge difference."

Others are vehemently opposed to the vaccine iteself, including Kimberly Kane who says, "I am completely against this becoming mandatory. I am shocked and ashamed that our senate is even considering passing this bill that will require all NYS children to have a vaccine that “protects” against HPV."

Kane says she questions the safety of the vaccine.

"The vaccine should be made a CHOICE- not mandatory. I respect your decision to vaccinate, please respect my right to choose," she continues.

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