It's pretty challenging to be a teacher right now - and many are going above and beyond for their students. A New Hartford teacher decided to do a Facebook Live for her students - but a hawk had other ideas.

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Melissa Curtis teaches at Myles Elementary School in New Hartford. She's been recording a 'storytime' for her students since the school shutdown began. She was reading her 30th story when a hawk decided to protest - in his own way.

Melissa was about 1/3 of the way through a book about springtime when a hawk flew overhead and...well...pooped on Melissa. And her car.

Melissa says "I was laughing so hard once I stopped recording! I read books to the kids every weeknight and that was apparently the celebration of my 30th read aloud haha."

We reminded Melissa that getting pooped on a by a bird can mean good luck, "If it is, I got plenty!"


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