This isn't a good situation for this teacher. You could say it downright sucks.

School sure has changed a lot since I was a kid. The craziest thing we got in class was when the teacher would surprise us by playing a video. Times were different back then.

One New York teacher is in a bad spot for something she did during an online class.

There's a part of me who was really jealous of both kids and students during the coronavirus pandemic. I would have loved staying home and avoiding the ridicule I faced in high school. I also really enjoyed the two weeks I spent working from home after I tested positive for COVID-19. I say that but I'm sure that after a month I would get pretty tired of it.

It's also tough to invite work into your home. Without being in an office setting it's pretty easy to blur the lines of what's considered appropriate behavior. You're at work but you're not at work at the same time. It can be pretty confusing especially when you're sharing your home with a bunch of kids.

One New York City teacher is in some trouble after getting a little too comfortable during a zoom class.

According to the NY Daily News, a NYC Spanish teacher with over 10 years of experience was reportedly recorded by her class sucking on someone's nipple during class. It's unclear what her relationship with the person is. Video of the incident quickly went viral. The event allegedly took place in September of last year.


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