Dawn M., from New Hartford, took her vehicle to be inspected. Everything seemed to be going just fine...until the very end.

It's a process we all go through once a year: bring the car to be inspected. Of course, we hope there aren't any surprises and that our vehicle passes without any problems. For one New Hartford woman, things went wrong. In the opinion of some, horribly wrong.

Dawn brought her vehicle to be inspected. Everything seemed to be going so well. Dawn's car passed inspection without any issues. The time came to place the sticker on the windshield. Just for a moment, the technician became distracted and that's when it happened. Words can't do it justice. See for yourself:

OCD Stickers
Credit: Dawn Marie Dziegel

As Dawn says:

The OCD part of me is not handling this very well. Only 360 more days to go.....

According to Dawn, the technician turned to answer a question from a co-worker at the exact moment he was placing the sticker in its spot, causing it to be permanently affixed about 3" above where it should be: NEATLY NEXT TO THE REGISTRATION STICKER.

Are you the kind of person that wouldn't be bothered in the least by this out-of-place inspection sticker, or would you be counting the days until a new sticker was put on?



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