If one of your New Year's resolutions is to eat better, you're in luck. There's a new health conscious restaurant coming to the Utica area called Core. 

A new health conscious restaurant is moving into the Toys- R -Us plaza in New Hartford. The establishment is called Core, and the menu options look delicious. The 3 primary categories are: grains, greens, and broth.

The Grains option includes ingredients like quinoa, brown/wild rice, or rice noodles. Create your own bowl or choose from one of six Core creations. Here's an example of one of their own unique dishes  According to their website:

 Sriracha ginger tofu and ancient grains (warm quinoa + farro blend, shredded kale, roasted tofu, carrots, raw beets, broccoli, sriracha, carrot chili ginger dressing)

The Greens option allows you to create your own bowl of healthy ingredients or choose from one of Core's six salad creations. Some of the foods you can combine include kale, arugula, and broccoli. If those options sound a little too "green" for you, don't worry. Many of their salads also include, chicken, steak, cheese, and bacon. Yup...bacon!  What is Core's "greens" motto? According to their website:

Dark leafy greens, your choice of ingredients and scratch made dressings. Eating clean and green at its best.

The Bone Broth option is slow simmered and loaded with all sorts of tasty, and healthy ingredients: napa cabbage, ginger, lemongrass, sprouts, roasted tofu, and cilantro are some of their offerings. You can also choose a vegetarian broth if you'd like. Feel free to create your own bowl, or choose from one of core's six options. This one looks really good:

spicy ginger steak and rice noodle (hearth bone broth, grilled steak, rice noodles, shredded kale, broccoli, carrots, scallions, sliced almonds, ginger, cilantro, sriracha)