An Assistant District Attorney from the Albany area hopes to take home the 1 million dollar prize in the upcoming season of "Survivor."

Lots of endurance, stamina, and tolerance, are needed to "Survive," the difficult challenges and tasks on CBS's hit show, and a woman from the Capital District thinks she has what it takes to win. It's game on for Jessica Lewis.

Jessica's parents were hard working farmers, so a "never give up" work ethic was ingrained in her at an early age. She witnessed her mom and dad hustling every single day regardless of conditions.  It didn't matter how they felt, or what the weather was like, they made a choice to get the job done no matter what.

According to, the Voorheesville native hopes to use her court room experience to "Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast" her competition.

No matter the situation or circumstances, I must maintain my composure, all the while focusing on obtaining the right result. That is the essence of 'Survivor.'"

This season's contestants will be competing in Fiji, and 37 year old Jessica will be playing for team "Tribe Takali." The "Milennials vs Gen-X" Survivor season, premiere's on September 21st at 8PM.


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