Matt Hubbell stayed at a popular hotel in the Albany area but he had no idea that his restful sleep would be interrupted by ugly and scary looking bed bugs. 

We all wince when we hear the term "bed bugs."  Most of us tend to shy away from shady and dumpy hotels because the presumed thought of ugly insects making themselves at home in our sheets gives us the creepy crawlies. But what if you were staying at a reputable, and otherwise very nice hotel and were plagued by the pests? THAT happened to Matt Hubbell.

He enjoyed a restful sleep in a "comfortable" bed; but when he woke up, he looked down on his shirt and discovered this frightening, winged vermin resting on his chest.

Matt Hubbell

When he saw the intimidating insect, he immediately flicked it off with his finger. He discovered it on the carpet still alive. He snapped a picture and showed it to the front desk clerk. The manager on duty explained that he was aware of the bug infestation but that they they were relatively harmless.

Matt explained that it didn't matter if they were "harmless," and that it was unacceptable. Next the manager offered him a 50% discount and a room change. Matt said: 'I was really hoping for a refund or a free night in a non-buggy room." The manager apologized for the pests and agreed to comp him a room.

I know what you're thinking; why would Matt dare spend another night at this place. Long story short, they were the only hotel in the area with an in indoor pool.