Just when you thought you had a lot of trash and stuff in your car, don't worry, you've got nothing on this guy.

We took a trip to Albany a couple weeks ago and spotted this gem in the Hannaford Plaza near Downtown.

Matt Hubbell

We talked to the owner while he was walking back to his vehicle and we asked what his deal was. Oddly enough, he told us he was on the way to a party. It really was none of our business as to what type of party he was going to, but it turned out it was a bachelor party.....and HE was the bachelor.

Now about his future wife, it turns out she's a cleaning lady at a local motel, and he works for....wait for it..... the sanitation department. Yup the guy drives a dump truck. We know what you're thinking: "Why the car and not the truck?" But we didn't bother asking anymore because we were trying too hard too hold in our laughs.


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