Sting fans have alot to look forward to this fall.    He's going to be doing a short tour, releasing a four disc album and is also working on his first Broadway musical.   

The album, called Sting: 25 Years'  will cover Sting's entire solo career with 45 remastered tracks, a comprehensive harcover book and a previously unreleased live concert from 2005 on DVD.  We only have to wait a couple of weeks, since the release date is September 27th.  The tour will be called the "Back to Bass Tour" with stripped down versions of songs.  So far, the tour has fifteen dates beginning in Vegas on September 24th and finishing December 8th in Vancouver.  September 19th is when tickets go on sale at  and  As for the Broadway show, it'll be a musical called "The Last Ship" and is based on Sting's third solo album, 'The Soul Cages" from 1991.  The musical is set in the 1980's in Sting's hometown of Newcastle, England.  As if  all that isn't keeping him busy enough, Sting will perform on September 24th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for the I Heart Radio Music Festival.