Happy Belated Birthday to Sting, who turned 60 last month.  Some people aren't happy about reaching milestone birthdays, but Sting isn't one of them.

Sting tells USA Weekend that as you get older, you learn to appreciate life more and more.  He says" Life becomes richer.  My life has, certainly.  So for next year, I want more of that-more of more."  What's the secret to Sting's happiness?  Certainly his six children and also his wife Trudie, who's been his partner for three decades.  He says he's careful not to take relationships for granted and believes if you work on them and try to make them better, you'll be rewarded for that.  He's been busy working on his first Broadway musica "The Last Ship" and describes it as a very exciting process to write music for others to sing.  Of course, he's also busy through the end of the year with his "Back to bass" tour too.

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