We love our wine in New York State. The Finger Lakes have world-renowned vineyards. And other wineries closer to home (like Mohawk Valley, Owera, Villa Verona, and Prospect Falls) have been sprouting up and gaining notice.

Big local and regional events like The Utica Zoo's Wine in the Wilderness draw huge crowds. And there are even some local dairies that produce wine ice cream. So, Central New York is paying attention to some new nationwide wine statistics released by National Today just in time for National Drink Wine Day--February 18th. Here are some of the findings:

When it comes to color, we prefer red wine over white.

42% of us think a $10 bottle constitutes a "good" wine, while 24% think $15 means "good" wine.

37% of us have admitted to finishing off an entire bottle in one sitting. And we assume they had some help from a significant other.

Only 9% claimed wine gave them the worst hangovers.

This study produced an interesting factoid that became the basis for Monday's Kinda Hard Question (7:05 daily) on the Beth & Dave morning show: 3% of us do this every time we drink wine. What is it? We cry.

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