If you think your kids aren't paying attention to everything that's happened this year, think again. One girl in New York channeled her thoughts on 2020 into a series of stories that helped her become a published author at just 5 years old.

Egypt Bush lives in Queens and told CBS2 that the idea to write her own book series came from her dad, Rahiem. Under normal circumstances, Rahiem and Egypt would read books from the library together, but when COVID hit and their local libraries closed, they were left with only a few books.

"My dad had to read all the books over and over and over again," Egypt told CBS2. "And then he told me, ‘Why don’t you come up with your own book?'"

So she did. Egypt got started on her series, "Egypt's Everyday Superheroes," and began shining a light on the real-life heroes who have made such a big impact this year. Her stories include doctors, nurses and bus drivers, just like her dad.

Egypt's first book, "Superhero Town," focuses on the coronavirus from a child's viewpoint.

"Hi, my name is Egypt," she read during an interview with CBS2. "There is a new icky super germ that everyone is afraid of and the people in my town are turning to superheroes to fight it."

While Egypt just turned 6 years old and just started the first grade, she has certainly used her free time and creativity this year to accomplish things way beyond her years.

"We think that as adults kids aren’t really paying attention and it’s crazy that they absorb way more than you realize," Rahiem told CBS2.

You can follow Egypt's journey on her growing Instagram, and check out her books, masks, pillowcases and more at BeingEgypt.com.

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