Pay attention, single folks. And also you moms and dads looking to recommend hot spots for your young adult children to seek fun and fulfillment in their social lives. The list of 2018's Best & Worst Cities for Singles is out.

Depending on the direction of travel from Central New York, singles could find success or failure real close to home. In New York State, some cities fare very well and others quite poorly in this arena, according to the latest study from financial services website WalletHub. New York's best spot was Rochester, coming in at #18 out of over 180 cities on the list. New York City was #28. Yonkers was near the bottom at #174. Here's how the ranks were determined:

WalletHub identified its three key areas as Economics, Fun & Recreation, and Dating Opportunities, then "evaluated those dimensions using 34 relevant metrics." New York City ranked #1 for Fun, while Rochester placed 15th in the Dating Opportunities sub-category, which included a Most Active Tinder Users statistic. So, apparently there's a lot of swiping going on in Rochester.

Syracuse didn't even make the list of 182 cities, but two other recent studies did feature the Salt City's fortunes in this area.

So, it depends on which stats you believe.


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