New York is long overdue to name its official state dinosaur, and I think I may have the perfect candidate that fully encapsulates what it means to be a New Yorker.

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A number of other states have already named their official dinosaur, and they had some good choices. Colorado was the first to choose with the Stegosaurus and Delaware recently named the Dryptosaurus as their choice. But no other state can compare to the obvious frontrunner for the official New York State Dinosaur vacancy.

Now when you think of what defines the people of New York, you'll see why I chose this dinosaur. New Yorkers move fast. We don't dilly dally around like west coasters who have nowhere to be in any rush. And if you get in our way, you better believe that you'll hear about it as we zoom past you.

Enter the mighty Carnotaurus.

New York State Dinosaur Carnotaurus

Despite the tiny arms, the Carnotaurus was a lethal predatory speed demon with a strong head in the Cretaceous period. It could run upwards of 60 miles per hour and could use the strong horns on its head to fight prey or other dinosaurs.

Now show me another dinosaur that perfectly summarizes the New York experience. Even in Binghamton, there's no shortage of people in a rush to get wherever they're going and they'll let you know about it if you delay them by even a second.

So would the Carnotaurus if you got in its way while it was risking speeding tickets for dinner.

In the face of tumultuous times, New Yorkers need something we can all agree on for once. And naming the mighty Carnotaurus as our state dinosaur is the easiest choice of all.

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