If you play a part in the dairy industry, New York State needs your input with a new survey.

Milking Operation
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The New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets is looking for feedback from dairy farmers, processors and milk haulers in the state. The NYS Dairy Think Tank has designed a survey for each profession, asking questions that will help identify problems they may be facing.

The New York State Dairy Think Tank consists of a various number of stakeholders, committed to workforce development in the dairy industry. They meet to discuss current challenges and find new ways to ensure the industry continues to thrive in New York State.


Each survey only takes around 3 to 5 minutes to complete, with each response solely being used for research purposes only. All answers provided will be kept confidential. The information you provide is extremely beneficial to fulfilling your wants and needs in the industry.

If you qualify for any of these surveys, please fill them out below...

Dairy Farmer Survey - Click Here
Dairy Processor Survey - Click Here
Milk Hauler Survey - Click Here

Dairy Cows Laying Down
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Cornell Cooperative Extension and the NYS Department of Ag & Markets thanks you in advance for your valuable feedback. Stay up-to-date on everything agriculture related by visiting CCE of Oneida County's website.

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