Here's an event you can both support local farmers and feed families at the same time.

Grand Union is trying to raise awareness for Hunger Action Month this September by stocking local food pantries with fresh mile. They have teamed up with American Dairy Association North East to raise money with Fill a Glass with Hope®.

Credit - American Dairy Association North East
Credit - American Dairy Association North East

Thanks to dairy farmers, agriculture partners and business leaders, this initiative will provide fresh milk to families in need at local food banks across the state. All this is made possible by donations received at Grand Union.

Milk is actually one of the most requested items by families at food banks. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least donated as well.

Bottles with fresh milk in a box. On a wooden background.

In addition to collecting donations, Grand Union will also by hosting other in-store events at each location. You can meet local dairy farmers, dairy ambassadors and take part in fun giveaways.

Here's a full schedule for the rest of the month...

September 10 - 10am-12pm - Peru
September 10 - 10am-12pm - Cortland
September 10 - 10a-2pm - Sherrill
September 11 - 12pm-2pm - Cooperstown
September 18 - 12pm-2pm - Warrensburg
September 24 - 10am-12pm - Watertown
September 24 - 10am-12pm - Saranac Lake
September 24 - 10am-2pm - Rome
September 24 - 10am-2pm - Norwich

Glass of the milk on a rustic wooden table.

If you're interested in learning more about the Fill a Glass with Hope® initiative or the American Dairy Association, you can visit their website for more information.

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