Pie is a tradition for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the entire holiday season. Also, who doesn't love a delicious slice of pie any time of the year? Do you eat New York State's most popular pie?

In the land of apple country, aka we are have a city we call the Big Apple, you would assume New York State's most popular pie was Apple.....Well, you know what they say when you assume.

According to Deseret News, New York States most popular pie is....

Boston Cream

.....What? Boston Cream?

Boston cream pie, which is technically a cake, is the favorite for East Coast states New Jersey and New York. Boston cream pie was created by Parker House in Boston."

How in the world did they come up with this answer? Instacart gathered data from over 3.6 million pies ordered in the United States and discovered which pie was most popular in every state. So, people are ordering more Boston Cream than any other.

Well, isn't that easy to assume that many New Yorkers would just make an Apple Pie? Do you agree with these findings? Text us on our station app and let us know.

Have You Ever Heard Of New York Grape Pie?

Naples New York is known by many as the ‘Grape Pie Capital of the World’ and home to the annual Historic Naples Grape Festival.

Grape pie is a type of fruit pie made from Concord grape and is part of harvest time traditions in the Finger Lakes region of New York in the United States."

Grape Pie was a huge part of the traditional cuisine of German immigrants to our region of Upstate New York. You can read more here.

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Best Pie For Thanksgiving Is?


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