These touching photos right here show why New York State has some amazing police offers.

In the year 2021, police officers all over the United States will sometimes carry a bad reputation. That is unwarranted in many, many situations. Pictures like the ones below show how generous our state boys are with their time. Those same pictures also capture a memory that won't soon be forgotten by kids all over the Empire State.

Sure, does something like this happen yearly? Yeah. That doesn't make it anything less special or amazing. Shop with a cop events happen each and every holiday season throughout malls, Walmarts, and numerous other stores across New York State. New York State Troopers take part, along with many officers from local and county police institutions too.

The entire goal of going out into the public and shopping with kids is simple. It is to make the holidays special for children. After all, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year and this is just another way to make them even more wonderful for the youth in our state.

You'll see pictures from right here in Central New York in New Hartford, but also from Queensbury, Watertown, and Batavia. These police officers may not wear a Santa hat. They may not walk with sparkle, but they do protect the public day in and day out and have quite a difficult job at times.

To all of the New York State Police pictured below, job well-done officer.

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2021 Shop With A Cop Christmas Shopping Event Held at Sangertown Square Mall

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Utica Police Officers working Downtown Utica in the 40s and 50’s

Utica Police officers were out patrolling Downtown Utica "back in the day" See if you can guess the locations from the 1940's and 1950s.

Utica Police K-9 Varick

Utica Police K-9 Unit Member Varick

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