It ain't easy out there for a critter - I mean, remember the video game 'Frogger'? Who can blame this guy for hopping along for a ride in a New York State Police cruiser.

Credit: NYS Police
Credit: NYS Police

According to the New York State Police, "This frog hopped right in the open window along the Taconic State Parkway. We told him he couldn’t park there - he would be toad."

Apparently, the state police are not immune to bad puns either. Toad. Get it?

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We recently tried to rescue a frog (a toad) who kinda growled at us, then peed on our hands - so there's that.

What's the difference between a frog and a toad anyway? Well, we're glad you asked.

There's no scientific difference between frogs and toads - but they do have different characteristics, according to Live Science. In fact, even thought they're both amphibians, toads are actually a kind of frog. Who knew?

  • Frogs are mostly aquatic; most toads live on land (but near water).
  • Frogs have teeth; toads do not. (What? Frog teeth?)
  • Toads of both sexes have a rudimentary ovary called a bidder's organ.
  • Frogs are also typically longer than toads.
  • Frogs have smooth, slimy skin; toads have dry, bumpy skin. The bumps, however, are not warts, and a person cannot get warts from handling a toad. (Good to know.)

So now you know.



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