New York lawmakers are expected to pass a bill, which Governor Hochul would then sign into law, that extends the Eviction Moratorium and expand rent relief. Here's what we know so far:

The Quick Story-

1) The state Legislature will extend New York’s eviction moratorium to January 2022 and expanded the provisions of the federal rent relief program.

2) The federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program has been slow to distribute funds. This is why New York lawmakers feel an extension was needed.

3) The program provides up to 12 months in back rent and up to three months of future rent payments, as well as up to 12 months of overdue electric or gas bill payments to eligible tenants.

4) New York will also look to extend the Tenant Safe Harbor Act. This is a state law that protects tenants from eviction if they’re able to prove financial hardship between March 7th 2020 - June 24th 2021.

The Longer Story-

According too The Democrat and Chronicle, tenants across New York qualify based on income benchmarks. These include the risk of homelessness, and whether they've experienced a reduction in household income or increase in costs due to COVID-19.

The moratorium, which includes residential and commercial tenants and foreclosures for property owners, would be in place until Jan. 15, 2022."

Landlords, banks and mortgage holders now have the ability to challenge a tenant or property owner’s “hardship declaration.” If a challenge occurs, a judge will now be able to look into a tenant or property owner’s hardship declaration and determine whether a stay of eviction is valid. You can read how exactly this works here.

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