Watching national coverage of presidential elections, New York is a solid block of blue.  No TV network's 'magic wall' will zoom in on New York State like they will on Florida and Ohio.  So have you ever wondered what a county-by-county breakdown of the Empire State looks like?

The electoral map looks similar from the 2008 to 2012 elections.  Just 4 counties changed from red-to-blue or vice versa.

The map above, a screen grab from, shows all of downstate New York, with the exception of Putnam County supporting Barack Obama.  Obama also does well in the Upstate population centers in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton and Buffalo/Niagara Falls.

Republican strongholds remain in the Mohawk Valley, Adirondacks and Southern Tier.

Below is how New York state looked after the 2008 Obama/McCain race from the NY Times. Democrats picked up Warren County in the Adirondacks, Madison County in Central New York and New York city's most conservative borough Staten Island/ Richmond County.

One previous blue county that switched red was in the far southwest corner of the state, Chautauqua. Screen Grab - 2008 Election