I've always loved ships. My Grandfather served in the US Navy and his love of the ocean and ships was instilled in me at a very young age.

I was looking around at boats for sale...not that I have that kinda money because I work in radio...but I love to look at listings and dream about living aboard a ship full time. It will never happen, but a guy can dream, right?

As I was looking at listings, I stumbled upon this historic Ellis Island Ferry that was built in 1907 and once spent its days as a sightseeing ferry taking passengers around New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. In 1983, the ship was laid up in Connecticut and Rhode Island until 1990 when it was purchased by Jim Gallagher who moved it to Manhattan’s Tribeca Harbor and began restoration work.

Richard and Victoria Mackenzie-Childs bought the Yankee Ferry in 1983 and began restoring it and turning it into their floating dream home.

This ship is an important piece of New York's maritime history that was saved, restored by and now you could buy it and live on it for just $1.25 million.

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