These icy conditions are certainly going to make it difficult for me to complete my life long goal of going over the Falls in a barrel.  The Arctic blast that has belted the northeast has made for a beautiful sight: portions of Niagara Falls have turned to ice.

When the weather is this cold, the tremendous amount of mist generated by the powerful waterfall turns everything around it into ice.

This frozen phenomenon is making tourists smile. The sheets of ice are making for breathtaking photos they'll be talking about for a very long time. Some of the visitors were disappointed though, because from the Canadian side it appears the entire falls are frozen over.

"I did think they were going to be frozen, because I had heard they were frozen,” photographer Linda Gellman said.

The falls only APPEAR to be completely iced over however:

In reality, the powerful flow of water continues to fall in a channel between the ice. 

Regardless of the particulars, Niagara Falls is still a majestic sight to behold. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, consider taking a family road trip!

Here's some video of the partially frozen Falls: