Lopez and Tyler out, Minaj in.  Fox TV has confirmed that Nicki Minaj will be a judge on the next season on American Idol.

Though some rumors floated around referencing the possibility of former ‘Idol’ contestant Adam Lambert and Disney star Nick Jonas joining the panel, Fox ended up landing a queen of R&B music, Mariah Carey. That meant there was just one more spot left and we’ve just learned that it too went to a big name in the music world — Ms. Nick Minaj herself.

Two sources confirmed to US Weekly that the “Superbass” star is “100% confirmed” to bring her bubbly personality to the famous reality talent show competition, though details are still being worked out. “A few more slight things to sign off on,” said the source, “but it is happening.”

However, Nick Jonas might still get his desired time on ‘Idol.’ It’s also being reported that while Randy Jackson hasn’t completely left the show, he won’t be judging anymore and is instead switching to a “mentoring role” for the contestants. Jonas, in the mean time, is said to be in talks to become the finishing touch to the judges’ table.

Below is the video for her best known song 'Super Bass.'


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