We can all agree: 2020 sucks so far. COVID-19 can take our concerts, our July 4th fireworks, our Barnfest - but you're going to have to pry Halloween out of my cold, dead hands.

Let's make a vow: Halloween is happening this year. Even if you're normally the kind of person to shut your lights at 5pm, that ain't gonna cut it this year. We've cancelled everything, from fireworks, to graduations, to birthday parties - everything. You're not going to get Halloween.

Not just that: I challenge each and every one of us to do it up. This is the year for yards of fake cobwebs, a candy bowl with a zombie hand that pops out, and as many fake ghosts in the tree as you can manage. Let's make Halloween magical for all of us - we need it. I promise not to mock your pumpkin latte if you do this one thing.

Maybe you're concerned about kids coming to your door? Make goody bags. Rig up a shovel to dump candy in their bags, train your dog to hand out Snickers - it doesn't matter. This is the one holiday where you can ALWAYS wear a mask, and socially distance - and you're STILL good. It's even on a Saturday this year.

The Harris Poll recently released results from a Halloween survey. The Harris Poll found "nearly three out of four people surveyed have no plans to take their costumed kids door-to-door in search of candy. Only 27% of the 1,970 adults polled said they anticipate seeing kids trick-or-treat on Oct. 31."

Not on my watch. You're gonna get some candy, and you're gonna like it.

Who's with me? 


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