Kids will have to save the dressing up for trick or treating on Halloween night. District officials have canceled costumes at some schools in Central New York.

In a letter sent home from Clinton Central School from Dr. Lee and Dr. Carney, parents were informed that students and faculty will not be dressing up in Halloween attire for school.

We want to be inclusive of all families including those families who don't celebrate Halloween or find purchasing a costume a hardship. We have also ran into situations in the past where costumes were accidentally damaged or lost, putting a real damper on student's Halloween.

The High School will be hosting a 'Warm & Cozy Pajama Day' on the day after Halloween, Tuesday, November 1 instead.

After a potentially late and chilly Monday evening out with friends, this will help Tuesday feel a bit more comfortable.

Clinton isn't the only school eliminating costumes for Halloween. Kaitlin Crawford said, "Waterville can’t wear costumes either." The kids are only allowed to wear Halloween colors at school.

I'm all for inclusivity but why do the students that celebrate Halloween have to suffer? Can't they have two events at school - one for those who want to celebrate and another for those that don't? They have litter boxes in some schools now for those who identify as cats for crying out loud. Having a separate event for those who celebrate Halloween doesn't seem like too much to ask for.

Affordability is another issue. Costumes don't have to be store-bought. The best ones are often homemade and they don't have to take a lot of time either. Throw on PJs and attached a bunch of stuffed cats, you're the crazy cat lady. Throw on an old sheet and cut two holes - voila you're a ghost. Or just Google DIY costumes for hundreds of easy ideas. But don't take away the holiday for money reasons.

Aren't we taking enough away from our kids already?

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