After stealing many gifts and placing his eyes on a village Christmas tree filled with lights, one town made the arrest and taught a lesson.

The Grinch has made a few appearances all throughout Central New York recently. In fact, this past weekend, this mean old creature made quite a few stops. One Central New York town wasn't having it and that town was where he was grabbed, snatched plucked by the police.

Let us take this tale back a few days to December 17th. Officer Golden of the Manlius Police Department was doing their job, just like any other day when a foolish-looking Santa Claus caught their attention. It isn't every day you see the big man himself, but this officer knew Saint Nick does not have greasy green skin.

This was in fact The Grinch. Even though he looked as cuddly as a cactus and as charming as an eel, the police made an arrest. The Grinch wasn't alone either. Alongside him was his trusty pooch, Max, in a not very convincing reindeer ensemble, although we cannot be upset with Max.

The Grinch was questioned about his giant bag filled with gifts that were slumped over his back, he admitted they were indeed stolen. Lt. Stanton and Officer Golden placed him in the back of a squad car when they had a moment to think. They then spoke to the Grinch about what Christmas is really all about. Just like Cindy Lou Who was able to do, these officers got the message across to Mr. Grinch.

The Grinch returned all gifts and after doing so saw his heart go from three sizes too small, to three times as big. After which, the Manlius Police Department gave him a courtesy ride back to Whoville, back to his home.

The Grinch Was Arrested But Taught A Lesson In Manlius

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