A convenience store in the New York City area is getting noticed for testing the math skills of customers--and giving away free stuff.

The store owner's son is 20-year-old Ahmed Alwan. He's been posting videos on his Tik Tok and Instagram social media pages (@_itsmedyy_), asking customers simple math questions. And if they answer right, they win a mini shopping spree, BUT they have only FIVE SECONDS to grab as much as they can. Alwan says he's just trying to promote the importance of mathematics and do something fun at the same time. Here's one of the videos:

@medmedmedyyNews 12 came through for the challenge... #foryou #fyp♬ original sound - medmedmedyy

There's no word yet from his parents who own the store--and its precious merchandise--on whether they approve OR how long the "promotion" will last.

The questions aren't usually too difficult. For example: "What's 7 times 7, plus 10?" The woman who got that question gave the correct response. And five seconds later, she ended up with a box of Cheese Nips, a some chips and pastries, three bananas, and a newspaper.

Maybe a Central New York store will come up with its own version of this idea.

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