Whether you have birthmarks or not, an old legend shares the story of what those marks could possibly mean.

Do you have oddly shaped birthmarks? Or are they in the most random spots? Well, an old tale states that birthmarks are actually scars from a past life. Not only scars, but the way you died in another life.

What if you don't have birthmarks?

The legend states that people without birthmarks died of natural causes in their past life. No serious injury or accident caused them to lose their life.

If you have birthmarks, check them out. Are they oval-shaped, but thin? This could be a knife or sword wound (depending on how long ago that 'past life' was). Maybe they're small, almost round with an edge that sticks out a little weird. This could be the sign of a bullet, or being impaled by an object. Discoloration or a weird mark on a certain part of your body could suggest a fire, car accident, or another sort of trauma.

Now this is all in good fun, you can take it however you want to, but it is pretty interesting to check out those birthmarks and come up with your own way of how it may have happened.


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