The life of an Olympic athlete is all about training and discipline, especially when it comes to what they eat and drink.   Can you say strict?  Now that the Olympics are over, some of our best athletes share with the 'Daily Mail'  what food or drink they'll splurge on.

As you read this, see if you're amazed at what they consider an indulgence.

Gold medalist Gabby Douglas is going to enjoy a Mongolian grill.

Matt Grevers, who won gold and silver in the pool, said he's already indulged with a vanilla milkshake at McDonald's and called it "delicious."

Alexandra Raisman is going to indulge with pizza.

Dawn Harper's food splurge will be an early Thanksgiving meal.

John Orozco feasted on pizza, chicken nuggets from McDonald's and a huge cookie and said after that his stomach was "destroyed."

Now it's back to those strict diets!

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