A mother in Western New York was separated recently from her newborn son after she failed a drug test--all because of what she ate for breakfast.

Elizabeth Dominguez, from the Buffalo suburb of Tonawanda, tested positive for opiates the day she went into labor with her son Carter. The 29-year-old was in disbelief, because she's drug-free. Still, due to the positive urine test results, the hospital had to call Child Protective Services as part of protocol. The culprit was a poppy seed bagel that Dominguez had eaten.

Dominguez he was discharged from the hospital, but her infant son had to remain in the hospital's care until authorities could sort out the misunderstanding.

Poppy seeds come from a plant from which morphine and other opiates are derived. So, poppy seeds and opiates produce the same positive readings, and experts say there's really no way to tell the two apart. Poppy seeds that are pre-washed, which removes the outer residue, do NOT produce the same effect.

Dominguez has issued a warning to all expectant mothers to avoid poppy seeds or just choose another type of bagel.

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