It's pretty normal to be facing challenges with your finances, especially these days if you've been furloughed or pink-slipped. You can save yourself some serious money just by picking up the phone and asking, according to financial experts.

A new survey by the online lending marketplace folks at reports almost all financial institutions are offering breaks on credit card and mortgage payments. All you have to do is pick up the phone and ask. Here's some of the good news, according to this article in

  • 91% of credit cardholders who asked their card issuer for a break on their monthly payment because of coronavirus-related circumstances got one
  • 67% got a break on every card they asked about, and another 24% got a break on some of their cards. Just 9% didn’t get a break on any card
  • 91% of homeowners who asked their mortgage lender for a reprieve from their monthly payment because of the outbreak were granted one
  • Just 30% of cardholders and homeowners asked for a break on their credit card or mortgage payment
  • Men were far more likely than women to be successful when asking for a break and were more than twice as likely to ask

Don't be shy. If you're a little behind the eight ball on your finances, pick up the phone and call your credit card companies. The 800 numbers are usually right on the back of the cards.

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