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Credit Card Delinquencies Reach 11-Year Low — Dollars and Sense
These days more credit card customers are paying their bills on time than they have over the course of the last decade.
A report released earlier today by the American Bankers Association indicates that delinquencies on credit cards are currently at an 11-year low, with only 2.93 percent of credit ac…
10 Signs Your Credit Card May Have Been Stolen
Credit cards may make our lives twice as easy, but they can just as easily make it three times as difficult. And we’re not talking about the kind of difficult where you find out that a box of Corn Pops has sent you over your measly credit limit.
Avoid Late Fees and Save Money
Most people use credit cards to pay for things. Whether it's big ticket items or something small, some just think it's easier to use a credit card then to carry around cash. Nothing's wrong with using a credit card, you just have to make sure you pay it off every month.