There's another millionaire in Onondaga County. The winning ticket was purchased at Wegmans in Liverpool.

Diana Dalziell from Baldwinsville is the lucky winner. She claimed her $1 million on the 20X Scratch-Off ticket she probably bought on a whim at Wegmans on Taft Road in Liverpool, New York.

Dalziel chose the one-time, lump-sum payment totaling $592,410 after required New York State withholdings. What would you do with that kind of windfall? We think a nice long vacation is in order.

As of May 20, 2021, there was still one more top prize available on the 20X scratch-off ticket in New York State.

New York Lottery
New York Lottery

In September 2020, Sheanda Cruz of Syracuse ( pictured above) won $1 million on a Bonus 9s scratch-off ticket. The winning ticket was purchased at Wegmans on Onondaga Boulevard in Syracuse. Cruz chose twenty annual installments of $50,000; after the required withholdings, each net check will total $33,590. At the time, she said she was planned on paying off her debt and saving for her children's future.

New York Lottery
New York Lottery

One of the biggest winners in Central New York is Leonard and Lorraine Padavan from Bloosvale, New York. They won $96 million on the Mega Millions drawing with a Quick Pick ticket purchased at Kinney Drugs located at 2 Preston Street in Camden, New York, in February 2021. They waited several months before stepping forward to claim their prize.

The couple chose to split the jackpot evenly. They each received a single lump sum of $23,016,702 after required withholdings. Leonard and Lorraine were planning on pooling their money to buy an RV and live out their dreams.

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